Comedy Movies That Remind Our Youth Days
October 16, 2020

Comedy Movies That Remind Our Youth Days

By Liam

Krishna and his leela is a romantic comedy movie directed by RavikanthPerepu.

SidduJonnalagadda, Shraddha Srinath, Seerat Kapoor and ShaliniVadnikatti have played the major roles in this film. This is the one movie you want to watch for some laughs and great character predictions.

Krishna (siddujonnalagadda) is a student who faces a break up in the beginning. As he overcomes his past experience, another girl enters his life and gets into a relationship to have a happy life. Then his old girlfriend wants to get back to be in a relationship with him that scrambles his current life. He can’t push her away as he loved her a lot, cannot leave the current girlfriend. How he finds a way to deal with his current situation is what you are going to see in this film. watch krishna and its leela movie online.


RUNTIME: 2 Hours 5 Minutes

RELEASED: 25 June 2020

GENRE: Romance, Comedy

ACTOR :SidduJonnalagadda.

ACTRESS: ShaliniVadnikatti, ShraddaSrinath, Seerat Kapoor.

OTHER CHARACTERS: SamyukthaHornad, Sampath Raj, Jhansi.

DIRECTOR :RavikanthPerepu

PRODUCER : Rana Daggubati

MUSIC DIRECTOR :SrucharanPakala


A story of a young man who struggles to express love to two women in his life with a lack of honesty only to find himself cheating. He is quite reluctant to talk about his love life as he himself is drowning in the vast ocean. His clumsy and indecisive mind fights a battle as he grapples to maintain them, that takes him on a journey to explore the true nature of the world to understand.  He believes himself above social norms and common terms that society relies on and expresses his experience in love with a comedic and most sensual way.


– SidduJonnalagadda has proved himself better at each film. His acting is smooth and real.

– He hits the hearts of the audience with his simple dialogue delivery. He did the best.

– Shalinivaddikatti and shraddhasrinath both acting have crossed the boundaries of words.

– Seeratkapoor got one of the most widest perspective characters and has done it wisely.

– All the artists in the film have done their best to reach the level to sync the emotion with the audience.


– Scriptwriting of this film is admirable.

–  Screenplay of the film is good.

– BGM is superb and it connects the audience with the characters and plot.

– Direction and cinematography of the film synced with the script perfectly.

– Director has done a great job to showcase such characters flawlessly.


Having to see the hero’s struggles, one of the main reasons it attracts us in his emotional bondage with those two women is his way of explanation. This film mingles intense emotion of love with comedy that makes people laugh at his situations but his life becomes quite miserable as he prolongs his deception. Truly understanding the concept of love, one should watch this film with a wide perspective irrespective of the common norms people believe. This film highlights the emotion youth carries in their life. There are many comedy movies on aha ott platform.