April 29, 2021

New best Telugu films of the year

By Liam

The single deciding factor for a film’s success in the South Indian industry is the script around which the film revolves. A good story can make even the worst of films stand out. The South Indian industry has always been good at producing movies with riveting storylines. With the trend of genre-based movies increasing, people tend to compare films based on story-telling quality. 2020 was a stale year for everyone but not for the film industry. We saw some quality movies getting released. The combination of fantastic story-telling, ensemble cast, oozing music, and soothing background scores made it a great year for the movie industry. At the same time, the rise of various OTT platforms elated the people. For the Telugu Movie fans, Aha OTT came as a boon. They were able to stream these new masterpieces and also their favorite movies without any problem. It isn’t a problem even if you don’t understand the language. Just switch on the subtitles, and there you go! With the Rom-Com genre getting more popular, the writers try to come up with some hearty scripts. How often have you seen a Rom-com turn into a mind-blogging thriller? I bet you haven’t. Then help yourself by streaming the blockbuster KanuluKanulanuDochayante.


The film, which has been written by DesinghPeriyasamy, is also his directorial debut. The cinematography has been handled perfectly by K. M. Bhaskaran. The music for the film has been composed by the pop band Masala Coffee, and HarshvardhanRameshwar has done a good job on the background score. The debutant director has pulled off one of the best storylines in recent times. The film doesn’t disappoint at any point. With brilliant acting performances from the cast and an able plot, the film tackles all the problems it might have faced. And once again, we are shown the quality of the South Indian industry.

The film begins by introducing Siddharth(Dulquer Salmaan) and KaaleEswaramoorthy (Rakshan), two orphans who live alone and spend their time partying. They work as freelance technicians who work from home. Siddharth falls in love with a beautician, Meera(Ritu Varma), who reciprocates his feelings. Khallis has a crush on Meera’s friend Shreya(NiranjaniAhatian), who works as a chef. Later, it shows that the guys are con artists who scam people through online shopping portals.

DCP PratapChakravarthy starts investigating this scam case when a laptop her daughter bought online explodes. But it is hard to trace their whereabouts as they cleverly cover their tracks. When Siddharth comes to know about the ongoing investigation on their scams, he devises a new strategy. They start looting expensive items from luxury cars using an app they have designed, which hacks into the lock systems. The DCP almost catches the boys when they try to sell a laptop they stole from his friend’s car, but the boys evade him successfully. Just when everything is going fine, Meera’s purse is snatched, and she tells how all her hard-earned money has gone and starts crying. After hearing this, both the boys decide to stop their wrong way of earning money and settle down.

And this is where we encounter a not-so-expected twist to the tale!

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